2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook


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This list of general studies electives is offered by EGCC on a recurring basis. Not all general studies electives are  OT36 or TAG approved courses. All electives may not be offered every semester, and it is extremely important that the student works with an advisor to establish a sequence of courses which will

1) allow the student to complete coursework at EGCC in a timely manner, and 2) ensure with some degree of confidence that the program completed will allow the student to transfer to his/her selected four-year institution with junior status. In some instances, this may not be possible. However, with prior planning and pre-developed agreements between the student and the granting institution, many problems will be avoided.


Arts and Humanities

ART101 Survey of Art History

ART102 Beginning Drawing

ART103 Beginning Opaque Water Media

ART104 Art History I

ART105 Art History II

ART107 Photography

ART108 Design Foundations

ART114 Beginning Water Color Painting

ART115 Digital Photography

ART121 Special Topics in Art

ENG201 Introduction to Literature

ENG202 Survey of World Literature

ENG205 Women in Literature

ENG207 Film & Literature

ENG208 Short Stories

ENG212 Environmental Literature

ENG220 Modern Poetry

ENG252 Survey of British Literature I

ENG253 Survey of British Literature II

ENG254 American Literature I: Early Period

ENG255 American Literature II: Late Period

HIS101 World Civilization I

HIS102 World Civilization II

HIS201 African American History

MGT210 Leadership Development and

Team Building

MUS101 Music Appreciation

MUS102 Music Fundamentals

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI201 History of Philosophy: Ancient through Modern

PHI202 Ethics

PHI240 Special Topics in Philosophy

SPA101 Elementary Spanish I

SPA102 Elementary Spanish II

SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I

SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II

ITL101 Elementary Italian I

ITL102 Elementary Italian II

ITL201 Intermediate Italian I

ITL202 Intermediate Italian II

ASL101 Beginning American Sign

 Language I

ASL102 Beginning American Sign

 Language II                                                       

THE101 Introduction to Theatre

THE201 History of the Theatre

COM101 Public Speaking

COM110 Small Group Communication

COM105 Interpersonal Communication

EDU210 Children’s Literature

ENG101 English Composition I

ENG102 English Composition II

ENG103 Business Communications

ENG104 Technical & Professional Writing

ENG151 Creative Writing

Mathematics, Statistics, and Logic

MTH105 Quantitative Reasoning

MTH120 College Algebra

MTH121 College Trigonometry

MTH128 Statistics

MTH220 Calculus/Analytic Geometry I

MTH221 Calculus/Analytic Geometry II

Natural Sciences

AST101 Introduction to Astronomy

BIO102 Human Anatomy & Physiology

BIO103 Nutrition

BIO106 Intro to Biological Sciences

BIO114 Biology I

BIO115 Biology II

BIO200 Principles of Pharmacology

BIO203 Principles of Microbiology

BIO204 Ecology

BIO205 Genetics

BIO207 Zoology      

CHM101 Introduction to Chemistry

CHM102 General Chemistry I

CHM103 General Chemistry II

CHM201 Organic Chemistry

GEL101 Introduction to Geology

GEL111 Earth Science

GSC101 Introduction to Physical Science

GSC102 Science and Environment

PHY106 College Physics I

PHY107 College Physics II

PHY126 Science/Engineering Physics I

PHY127 Science/Engineering Physics II

Social and Behavioral Sciences

ANT102 Cultural Anthropology

ECO101 Macroeconomics

ECO102 Microeconomics

EDU200 Foundations of Education

EDU219 Characteristics of Exceptional


EDU220 Educational Psychology

GEO101 World Geography

GEO102 Physical Geography

GEO201 Cultural Geography

HIS104 U.S.-Formative Period

HIS105 U.S. History - Modern Period

MGT202 Organizational Behavior

PSC101 American Government

PSC102 Comparative Politics

PSY101 General Psychology

PSY201 Child Development

PSY203 Social Psychology

PSY205 Human Growth and Development

PSY206 Adolescent Development

PSY207 Adult Development

PSY211 Abnormal Psychology

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC110 Marriage and Family

SOC111 Introduction to Social Work

SOC205 Social Problems

SWK 101 Introduction to Social Work

SWK 102 Social Welfare and Policy I



Note: An elective (or free elective) may be chosen from any college-level (100 or above course offered and is not limited to courses approved for general studies electives



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