2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook

Board of Trustees

Chair James M. Gasior of Canfield, Mahoning County

  • President and Chief Executive Officer of Cortland Banks

Secretary Angela Mastros of Wintersville, Jefferson County

  • Office Manager of Mastros-DiBiase Medical Practice

Vice Chair David H. Coy of Poland, Mahoning County

  • President and Chief Executive Officer of WKBN

OACC Delegate Christine Dennison of Canfield, Mahoning County

  • Retired Faculty, Youngstown State University

JoAnn LaGuardia of Poland, Mahoning County

  • President/Chief Financial Officer of LM Cases, Inc.

Dr. Keith D. Meredith of Lisbon, Columbiana County

  • Vice President of Clinical Operations for Salem Regional Medical Center

Kathy Maguschak of Steubenville, Jefferson County

  • McBane Insurance and Financial Services

Dale Gibson Foerster, Trumbull County

  • Owner, Starr Manufacturing


President Emeritus: Jimmie Bruce, Ed.D. Laura M. Meeks, Ph.D., Edward L. Florak, Ed.D., & Fred S. Robie, Ph.D.
Trustees Emeriti: Sister Patricia McNicholas, Carter Lewis, John T. Gilmore, Arthur J. D’Anniballe, Dorothy Blaner, Harry B. Chalfant, Thomas D’Anniballe, Frank S. Dimit, E. Dale Featheringham, Patricia L. Fletcher, Samuel S. Johnston, Joseph S. Matthews, W. Joseph Michl, Ruel Mitchell, Nick A. Mougianis, Anthony L. Shreve, Brenard H. Watson, and James C. Wilson
Former Trustees: Derek Ferguson, John W. Beveridge, Sandra Bonitatibus, R. Peterson Chalfant, William B. Chesson, Raymond T. Connolly, Donald T. Crane, Willard Davis, Paul Defenbaugh, Dr. Susan C. Fisher, William M. Fisher, Nina Gentile, Presley Gillespie, James H. Hilz, Barbara J. Hubbard, the late Robert T. Hughes, Samuel W. Kerr, Isabelle Lippert, Ty Lollini, Larry Long, William M. McCarty, Pearl Katherine Mills,Marilyn Montes, William E. Mullane, Dominic Rotella, David Russell, Molly S. Seals, Jewette Toney, Joseph Urich, Pete Wallace, Kathi McNabb Welsh, Dante Zambrini.