2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook

Tutoring & Accessibility Services


EGCC offers students tutoring opportunities either in-person or online/remotely via web conferencing, such as Zoom.  Additional online tutoring support is offered through the use of the Brainfuse platform for all on-campus, online, or hybrid students. The Brainfuse tutoring service is a fully embedded service in the students’ gateway portal.  Brainfuse is available 24/7, except for holidays.  Students may submit their questions through several options including an online live chat or via email.   This is a high-quality tutoring environment and is widely used by EGCC students.  All EGCC tutoring requests are handled timely by reaching out to the department at tutoring@egcc.edu


The Student Success Centers at the Steubenville and the Youngstown Campus offer a variety of free services to Eastern Gateway campus-based students who may be experiencing difficulties. Free tutoring services are offered on a walk in or appointment basis.   English and Writing tutors are available, who work with students along with other subject matter tutors for help with writing papers, proofreading, research, documentation, and basic word processing. This is a walk-in service; appointments are not required. Students may bring their works-in-progress to the Student Success Center for help during posted hours. 


The Student Success math tutoring service is designed to facilitate learning for all students taking math courses and the tutors are available for walk in tutoring on both campuses during posted walk-in hours.  Students can expect to work independently or with a tutor in a quiet environment and receive assistance as required. The Student Success centers are staffed five days a week from 9 am to 5 pm EST, with both evening and weekend hours, by appointment with campus-based tutors.  Appointments are strongly recommended for evening and weekend tutoring to accommodate students’ diverse scheduling needs.

Student Success Coach 

Student Success Coaches serve a fundamental role for new, returning, and current students by assisting them as they transition, attend, or return to Eastern Gateway Community College. Student Success Coaches work with students, faculty, and staff as students are identified as academically “at risk” students to monitor a student’s progress and performance. Coaches and students work to track, monitor, and provide support needed for retention. The Student Success Coach helps students develop skills, behaviors, and habits that contribute to college success. These include academic and career goal setting, learning strategies, time management and organization, self-regulation, and self-efficacy.  The Student Success Coach will be committed to helping students navigate through higher education challenges by guiding, mentoring, and advocating for student success and completion. Student Success Coaches can present academic workshops, assist with FAFSA completion, teach participants how to conduct scholarship searches online, and assist in student transfers to four-year colleges or universities.  Academic Advising, Counseling Services and Student Success Coaching are all different from one another at Eastern Gateway Community College.   Student Success Coaching helps students identify barriers for student success and develop skills and necessary resources to overcome obstacles.  Student Success Coaching was adapted as an extra resource for students to identify the barriers for student success and develop skills to overcome obstacles with guidance of a coach. Coaches foster a safe environment where students can open-up about challenges and concerns they are struggling with academically. Individualized plans that incorporate teaching success strategies and providing proactive outreach to increase achievement and persistence. Coaches provide the support and persistence for all students and work proactively with faculty, advisors, and staff to promote academic planning connected to long-term career goals; and provide responsive, holistic advisement on the individual needs of student success inside and outside the classroom.  

Links to the varied tutoring services are provided on the Tutoring webpage. Students who visit this webpage are also provided with links to additional, valuable academic resources (e.g., study skills training, guide to avoiding plagiarism).  

Accessibility Services

Eastern Gateway Community College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  

Students are responsible for notifying the Office of Student Accessibility Services regarding any disabilities for which they may need special services.  Students with documented disabilities are eligible for accommodations.  Students with documented medical emergencies are eligible for medical extensions. 

Accommodations may include extended time allowances for testing and required projects, interpreters, approved assistance equipment, and/or access to lecture notes and materials such as PowerPoints. Effective and reasonable accommodation in the classroom does not include fundamental alteration of the curriculum, classroom standards, or length of class time. Accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis by the College.

Medical extensions can allow the student who has experienced a documented, medical emergency up to six weeks beyond the end of the term to complete coursework.  Medical extensions require current documentation such as discharge paperwork that includes dates of care (with or without hospitalization), reason, and recovery period.

Students should plan to meet with the Director of Student Accessibility Services. The director will assist students in resolving immediate issues, provide assistance with academic concerns, and attempt to answer student questions. Pertinent documentation from a medical professional, psychiatrist, or psychologist must be submitted to the director and kept on file. Students who are interested should contact the director at  access@egcc.edu