2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    May 25, 2024  
2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook

Campus Security

The federal government, through public law 102-26, and amendments thereto, requires all recipients of federal Title III aid to formulate and publish policies and statistics regarding campus security. The following is in compliance with the regulations of the act effective July 1, 1997, amended in 1998, and any amendments thereafter, including the addition of the Clery Act. The College’s annual security report is published on the College’s website at www.egcc.edu/more-topics/annual-security-report and in the catalog at http://egcc.catalog.acalog.com/content.php?catoid=6&navoid=347

1. All incidents of theft, vandalism, sexual harassment or assault, domestic or dating violence, stalking, or other criminal activity or accidents shall be reported immediately, by the victim or anyone witnessing the acts or the aftermath, to the Director of Security and Safety at (740) 264-5596, or any College security officer. Provide complete details of the incident. As appropriate, the College will summon police, emergency personnel, or victim advocates to campus to assist in responding to incidents reported. In cases of criminal activity, the victim will be encouraged to file a report and/or charges with local law enforcement. The College may elect to file a report and/or charges regarding any infraction of the law on property owned, operated, or contiguous with the College. 

2. The College has declared no part of its campus or grounds a public place. The only persons permitted on College property are those with legitimate need to be on campus related to the mission and goals of the College such as taking part in classes or activities sponsored by the College, attending activities sponsored by outside organizations approved through the College’s Facilities Use Policy 9-02, visitors touring the College as part of the admissions process, vendors doing business with the College and similar are generally permitted on campus until 10 p.m. 

The College reserves the right to question individuals on College property regarding their identity and reason for being at the College and request or order the individual(s) to leave College property if the reason for being on campus is not directly or indirectly related to the College’s mission and goals and as defined in this catalog as interpreted by the College administration. As appropriate, the College will utilize the resources of local law enforcement agencies in maintaining a safe and secure campus environment. 

3. All Eastern Gateway Community College students are expected to abide by local, state and federal laws whether on campus or at an off-campus activity, clinical, etc. conducted by the College or in association with the College. 

4. The College will not tolerate the abuse of prescription drugs, use of illicit drugs or alcohol on property owned or operated by the College or during College sponsored off campus activities. Please refer to the Drug and Alcohol Use Program contained in the Catalog.

5. The College will not tolerate sexual offenses committed on campus sites or any off-campus, College- sponsored activity. Victims of such offenses should preserve evidence in support of a criminal offense and report the offense to the local police who will have jurisdiction in the matter and to the security supervisor or officer on duty who will assist the victim in contacting the police if requested. To assist a student in avoiding being the victim of such offenses, the College makes available, periodically, commercially produced pamphlets regarding the subject. These are free and available in the self-help brochure rack located in the record/financial aid office complex. Referral to local sexual offense prevention and victim support services is available through the College’s counseling staff.

6. Eastern Gateway Community College will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of any crime of violence, or a non-forcible sex offense, the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the institution against a student who is the alleged perpetrator of such crime or offense. If the alleged victim is deceased, as a result of the crime or offense, the information shall be provided, upon request, to the next of kin of the alleged victim. This provision applies to any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the College on or after August 12, 2009. 

7. The College will not tolerate any student and/or employee engaging in sexual activities on property owned or under the control of the College. Such activities shall include, but not be limited to, excessive displays of public affection, intimate touching, contact with the genitals of another, and sexual intercourse. Such actions, even when consensual, may result in criminal and/or campus- based penalties. 

8. Any questions or comments regarding the College’s policies and procedures related to campus crime and security should be directed to the Director of Security and Safety, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer or Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness.