2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2023-2024 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook

On Campus Posting and Distribution of Material

The college’s building and grounds are designated for use in achieving the goals of the institution. Use of the facilities is limited to those activities which support these goals and the continued ability of the college to provide general and technical education. No part of the college campus has been designated as a public place available for general use not related to the college’s purposes.

The following written procedures are established to ensure that posting, distribution of materials and informational presentations that occur on property owned and/or operated by the College can be effectively administered and are consistent with the College’s goals.


  1. In order to identify accurately all bulletin boards located in the hallways or lounges, each board will be numbered; the number will be posted on the board.
  2. All bulletin boards will be designated for specific uses. Use of each board will be restricted to the use designated. Material posted on the boards which is not consistent with the designated use will be removed. This policy statement does not cover bulletin boards located in offices or classrooms.
  3. All material posted or displayed shall follow the following approval process:
    1. Materials that are of a general nature must be reviewed and stamped approved by the Vice President of Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness & Title IV.
    2. Materials of a general academic nature must be reviewed and approved by the Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs.
    3. Materials related to a student group or specific department/program must be reviewed and approved by the group advisor or Dean of the department/program.
    4. Information displayed on the electronic sign boards at the entrance to the Steubenville Campus must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness & Title IV.
    5. Informational presentations must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness & Title IV to ensure that freedom of speech is protected in accordance with state and federal law. Groups wanting to set up informational presentations, which have been approved, will be permitted to set up an informational table outside the library in the second-floor hallway. Participants of the group may not harass students or attempt to impede their movement if the student(s) are not interested in the message being provided. Security will manage any violation of the guidelines for informational presentations.
  4. Only material submitted by a student or full or part-time college employee will be considered for approval for posting. The college bulletin boards are not available to nonstudents and non- employees.
  5. No materials, announcements, signs, etc. may be posted on walls, windows, on the college grounds, or in any other places except the college bulletin boards.
  6. The showcases located throughout the building are designated for classroom-related and student activities use. The Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs coordinates the use of the showcases.
  7. The college reserves the right to deny the use of its bulletin boards, campus, or grounds to any individual or group if such use is judged by the college administration to be detrimental to the well-being of the college, except otherwise noted above.