2022-2023 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2022-2023 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Groups

Student Clubs and Organizations.

The formation of student groups on campus is encouraged, provided these groups serve a positive function and do not duplicate the functions of other groups. Information about the procedures for starting clubs is available from the Director of Student Activities.

Clubs may sponsor major social activities, special engagements, and, in some instances, provide financial aid through scholarships. Clubs and organizations requesting the use of college facilities at Steubenville Campus or the Youngstown Campus. should contact the respective student group coordinator.

Student Ambassador Program

Student leaders have a critical role to play in the effective operation of a number of aspects of the higher education space. Within the realm of Student Affairs, students are an important and valued part of the community and support services we provide. Student leaders can offer peer support to classmates, assist with events and activities, provide feedback to the institution, and act as a liaison between students and administration. Student Ambassadors from Eastern Gateway Community College will be able to meet all of those expectations.

The students’ personal growth and development as leaders in their college community will not only allow them to thrive as students here at EGCC, but foster their continued success in their future endeavors, whether in the classroom after transferring to a 4-year institution, or in the workplace after attaining an associate’s degree. These student leaders will also help represent the college within the community. They will be able to present themselves in a professional manner to businesses, and volunteer agencies, community organizations, and beyond.

Having successfully completed the program, students will be known as leaders on campus who can serve as ambassadors on campus and within the community. In their last semester at EGCC, students will receive an honors cord and recognition at the Honors Convocation prior to Spring Commencement. Interested students must complete an application, which includes a short essay, and also requires a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member. They must meet two out of three criteria: GPA of 3.0+; be a full time student; and have been at EGCC for at least one full semester.

EGCC Book Club

The EGCC Book Club offers a way for students to engage with each other, college staff, and subject matter experts by sharing a common reading experience. Books are made available as either e-texts, hard copies, or audiobooks based on the students’ preferences; meetings are held virtually and led by club advisors. Five books are selected throughout the academic year (two each for fall and spring semesters and one in the summer), focusing on topics that enhance students’ understanding of diversity and inclusion issues, historical perspectives, and self-awareness.

Student Government Association

In order to enhance college student life and academic merit, the Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body in matters that are of concern to them and serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff, and the administration. They also:

  • promote and assist in the integration and coordination of all clubs and organizations;
  • foster the development of student morale and leadership;
  • educate all members of the campus community of their rights and responsibilities;
  • and serve as a forum for the expression of student views and interests.

Members of the SGA, known as Student Senators, will be actively involved in sponsoring a variety of co-curricular activities and events. Elections to the SGA take place annually in the spring; representatives will be recruited from the Steubenville Campus, the Youngstown Campus, our online community, and College Credit Plus. The SGA is advised by the Director of Student Activities. 

Dental Assisting Student Organization

The Student Dental Assisting Organization is open to those students enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program. The purpose of this group is to provide the student with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and self-confidence, while promoting service learning. Members are invited to participate in Student American Dental Assistants Association (SADAA).

Service-Learning Outcomes:

1.  Increase diversity in the dental assisting student population and improve access to dental   services for   underserved populations.

2.    Develop good communication skills and better clinical reasoning and management skills.

3.    Improve interactions and experiences for dental assisting students to enhance learning.

4.    Increase a student’s readiness to treat the underserved population.

Medical Assisting Student Organization

This group is for students who are currently enrolled in the medical assisting program. It is a community service student group that participates in a wide variety of on-campus and off-campus events to promote medical assisting, EGCC, and healthy living. The goal of the group is to participate in college activities and do 10 hours of community service per student, per semester.

IT Club

The IT Club at Eastern Gateway is comprised of students interested in computer technology. Group members participate in service learning by consulting, diagnosing, building and repairing computers for students, faculty, staff, and the general public free of charge. This hands-on approach allows students to increase their knowledge of computer systems, operating systems, hardware, applications, and computer repair as well as customer service. Activities include meetings, industry field trips, and an annual Computer Clinic.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society of two-year colleges. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service among qualified students. To join, a full- or part-time student must maintain a GPA of 3.55 or higher and accumulate at least 12 credit hours toward transfer or an associate degree. The Alpha Omicron Nu Chapter of EGCC was chartered in 1989. Membership is by invitation only and is open to students across all EGCC locations and online.

Gator Groups

A steppingstone on the way to becoming a formally recognized student organization, Gator Groups are special interest digital spaces facilitated by students, for students.  These groups bring together students from across the country who share similar interests or other affinities, including LGBTQ+ students, West Coast Parents, East Coast Parents, Gaming, and a variety of academic programs.  Gator Groups celebrate the diversity of EGCC students and allow them to create community around a common cause.

Alumni Association

Welcome to the Eastern Gateway Community College, Department of Alumni Engagement! We value student Success! We take great pride in the accomplishments of alumni, our graduates. From teaching to technology, nursing to sales, EGCC graduates are making a difference in their communities every day.. The Alumni office provides services and programs to promote graduates professional development and to help them stay connected to each other and the college. As a graduate of Eastern Gateway Community College, graduates are automatically part of the EGCC Alumni Association - no fees, dues or subscriptions required. Every day, alumni and friends reinvest in the Eastern Gateway Community College and share our graduate’s passion in furthering our mission of preparing students for meaningful lives and productive careers. Stay connected to the Department of Alumni Engagement at alumni@egcc.edu.