2022-2023 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2022-2023 EGCC Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Class registration dates and times will be announced via student e-mail and posted on the College’s web calendar. All students are responsible for meeting all registration dates and procedures announced.

A student is not considered to be enrolled in a course until registration has been completed during the announced registration period. Each student must submit a schedule of classes and all tuition and fees must be paid or payment arrangements made in order to complete the entire registration process.


Prior to the start of each semester, continuing and returning students should meet with their Enrollment Specialist or Faculty Advisor to select appropriate courses for the next semester. After meeting with their Enrollment Specialist or Faculty Advisor, students are encouraged to register via The Student Portal. If a student cannot register through The Student Portal, they can schedule an appointment with their Enrollment Specialist. TRIO SSS Students may contact TRIO Student Support Services.

Electronic Registration

Continuing and returning students register using the College’s electronic registration process. The Self Service link can be located on the College’s web site www.egcc.edu.

In order to register, a student must also have completed all required placement tests, met all prerequisites, and have no stop holds (academic or financial). Students should always consult with their Enrollment Specialist or Faculty Advisor.

The student will be advised by e-mail regarding the status of the schedule.

Student Portal

The Student Portal is the web service that provides students access to information regarding their enrollment at EGCC. This web portal will enable the student to check grades, transcripts, their student billing account, progress towards a selected degree, and also permits online registration. Visitors and students may access this site through the EGCC home page, www.egcc.edu, Prior to the start of classes, students receive information regarding login and passwords. Students should retain this information for use throughout their career at EGCC.

E-mail Address for Students

All academic students have a College e-mail account. Prior to the start of classes, a student will receive information regarding a login and password. It will be necessary for the student to check e-mail periodically as the College will use this method to correspond with students regarding important notices. Additionally, The Student Portal will use a student’s e-mail account to update him/her on registration requests.

Course Auditing

A student with proper prerequisites may register for and attend certain courses as an auditor. The student is not held responsible for the regular class work and preparation of assignments and receives no credit for the course. All regular fees, as well as other applicable fees, are required and the course is considered part of the total course load. Audited courses will not apply towards the fulfillment of graduation requirements or to the total load in determining financial aid eligibility.

A student enrolling as an auditor will be permitted to enroll only after the regular students have been accommodated.

A student who has registered as an auditor may change from audit to credit or credit to audit only during the first 14 calendar days of each regular semester (first eight days for 8-week sessions, and first seven days of summer mini-sessions). A student must complete and submit a student schedule change form.

Veteran’s Educational Benefits

Veterans attending EGCC may be eligible to receive benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs when pursuing most associate degree programs or a dual degree. The veteran’s coordinator is located in the Registrar’s Office.

How to Apply for Benefits:

Veterans or eligible dependents wishing to enroll should:

  1. Contact the veteran’s coordinator.
  2. Complete the VA Application Form for Education Benefits. The VA application form is available online at www.gibill.va.gov. This form should be completed before the start of the enrollment period. The Certificate of Eligibility received as a result of the application process must be provided to the veteran’s coordinator.
  3. Provide a copy of the Veteran’s DD214 (Authorization for Separation from Active duty) or Certificate of Eligibility for Chapter 1606.
  4. Indicate the applicant’s VA claim number on the application if a prior claim was filed with the VA.
  5. Enroll every term in courses meeting the curriculum requirements in the student’s program of study.

Each term the College veteran’s coordinator reviews and certifies each veteran for the number of credit hours taken. There will be no penalty imposed, including late fees, denial of access to class, library and other facilities, or the requirement that a Chapter 31 or chapter 33 recipient borrow additional funds to cover financial obligations to EGCC due to delayed disbursement of payment from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Change of Course Schedule

Veterans who wish to change their course schedules during the term should inform the veteran’s coordinator immediately so that courses that are part of the VA approved program can be certified for payment.

Responsibilities of Veteran Students

Veteran students should be sure to:

  1. Consult with an advisor and enroll in courses meeting the curriculum requirements of the program of study.
  2. Attend classes regularly and complete course requirements satisfactorily to continue receiving VA benefits.
  3. Notify the veteran’s coordinator when they:
    • Drop or add courses
    • Withdraw from classes
    • Stop attending classes on a regular basis
    • Change name, address and/or telephone number
    • Change educational major
    • Have any concerns or questions about benefits

Awarding of College Credit for Military Training/Experience

Eastern Gateway Community College is committed to the acceptance and awarding of college credit for training and experience in the United States Armed Forces or National Guard as long as it has been approved by the American Council on Education or a regional accrediting body, such as The Higher Learning Commission. A student interested in receiving this type of credit will follow the same process for transcript evaluation listed under Transfer Credit in this catalog.

Veteran’s Priority of Service Procedure

In June of 2014, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 488 to help veterans and service members. One of the provisions includes priority registration for veterans and service members. At EGCC, priority registration means veterans and service members can register three (3) days before open registration begins. Once open registration begins, veterans and service members will compete for class spaces along with all other students.

The term “veteran or service member” refers to an individual who: 1) has served in the United States Armed Forces, including a reserve component and the National Guard, and 2) was discharged or released from such service with a condition other than dishonorable. The DD214 (member 4) must identify a period of duty other than solely for training. Reservists must have participated in a deployment or have completed their initial reserve obligation. Active duty service members who have completed their initial obligated service should send a letter from their command stating such along with their dates of service. To exercise this benefit, complete the Priority Registration form and send a copy of the Member 4 section of your DD214 (indicating character of discharge) to the Registrar’s office by 4 p.m. one week before priority registration begins. Service members currently receiving VA benefits are already included in prior registration.

Priority of Service includes:

  • Veterans recalled to active duty may be withdrawn from his/her courses at any time during the semester entitling the student to a 100% refund of any tuition and fees paid by the veteran. Documentation of departure orders is required.
  • A veteran, the veteran’s spouse and any dependent of the veteran, who meets both of the following conditions will be granted in state residency for tuition purposes: (i) the veteran either served one or more years on active duty and was honorably discharged or received a medical discharge that was related to the military service, or (ii) was killed while serving on active duty or has been declared to be missing in action or a prisoner of war.
  • Priority Registration: Three days advance registration of the advertised registration dates for any veteran.

Adding Courses

Students may add courses the first week of a 16 week semester and 8 -week sessions. Adding a course may affect a student’s financial aid so all students are encouraged to check with financial aid prior to adding a course.

Dropping Courses

Students may drop courses from their schedules during the first two weeks of a 16 week semester, first eight days of an 8-week session. The Business Office will refund, where applicable, a student’s fees during the first two weeks of a 16 week semester, first eight days of an 8-week session, according to the established refund schedule. A student may withdraw from a course starting the third week through the 10th week of a 16 week semester (or its 60% equivalent for flexibly scheduled sessions). Dropping a course may affect a student’s financial aid so all students are encouraged to check with financial aid prior to dropping a course.

Non-Attendance Drops

Instructors who report that a student never began attendance during the first two weeks of a 16 week semester and 8 week session, will be dropped for non-attendance in that specific course.

Withdrawal From a Course

Students will receive a grade for each class on their schedules after the second week of the semester (first week of summer mini-sessions). Students may withdraw from a course through the 10th week of the regular semester (or its equivalent for summer or 8-week sessions). A student who wishes to withdraw from a class must request a withdrawal from the Enrollment Services staff. A grade of “W” will be received.

Early withdrawal from a course does not prohibit the student, at the discretion of the instructor, from attending the remainder of the academic classes and sitting for the final examination in preparation for retaking the course. However, withdrawal from a course may affect financial aid benefits even if attendance and testing are continued.

Withdrawals are not subject to refunds. The grade of “W” is recorded as zero hours earned and zero quality points. Withdrawals from a course(s) may affect receipt of student financial aid.

Withdrawal Without Notification

A full or part time student who withdraws, drops out, or stops attending a course without following the prescribed withdrawal procedure will receive an official transcript grade of “F” for the course and forfeit all fees paid.

Academic Withdrawal Grade Assignment

EGCC faculty are permitted to assign an academic withdrawal (W) grade at the start of the third week of a semester if the student has stopped attending the class. The faculty must attempt to contact the student at least three times by phone, email, and/or regular mail. An academic withdrawal (W) grade can be assigned by faculty until the withdrawal date of a regular semester (or its equivalent for summer or 8 week modules) in cases of excessive absences. At no time should a student assume an academic withdrawal will be assigned, but rather should pursue a withdrawal if attendance is stopped.

Changes to Name and Address

The Registrar’s Office maintains a substantial amount of information about each student which is used by the College to forward official correspondence and communications and to administer and improve planned education. Keeping the College advised of current mailing and phone information is the responsibility of the student. Students should notify the Registrar’s Office immediately if the student’s name, address, phone number, etc., changes during enrollment by completing the change of name/address form, which is available through the Enrollment Services department.

Change of Major

Students wanting to change their major need to submit the request prior to the start of the semester. Any changes of major received after the start of the semester will become effective for the following semester. Students must update their academic major by submitting changes through the student portal. We recommend that students check with their Academic Advisor and/or Career Services prior to submitting the request.

Change of Major requests are limited based on academic standing. Students in Good standing are permitted two changes of major during their course of study at EGCC. Students on Warning are only permitted one change of major. Students on Termination or Maximum Time Frame (MTF) Termination are not permitted to change majors.

Change of major can be subject to different admissions criteria for various programs, especially Health based programs. There may be additional admission forms required prior to acceptance into certain programs. Completion of Change of Major form will not be needed. Change of Major will not be processed until verification of acceptance into the program can be confirmed.